Martin Miller

I am Marty Miller and I am running for Township Commissioner because I am looking for a way to give back to my community.

Some people share “teachable” skills, such as rewiring a house or fixing a car engine, but what I have to share in abundance is the ability to listen to the concerns of people who feel overwhelmed and to offer them a steady hand to help them find solutions.

As a pharmacist, I’ve made a career out of helping people, usually at pretty low points in their lives. Oftentimes patients would come to me upset about a new diagnosis, probably having just heard a bunch of scary-sounding terminology. I pride myself in taking time to carefully explain anything a patient needs clarified. Helping plan a medication regimen where a patient has to take 8, 10, or 12 different drugs per day, often multiple times per day, is a very gratifying feeling. I help people, using my knowledge and capacity to listen and find solutions.

The first time I considered running was when I saw the recent property tax increase. Our taxes went up 15%. And what expanded services did we receive for our hard-earned money? None. Not. One. Thing. I decided I didn’t want to sit idly by any longer. But what really motivated me was attending a meeting of concerned citizens in January this year. I saw so many of my friends and neighbors, all of whom wanted to help and participate somehow. That day gives me chills every time I think about it. I was so inspired by my neighbors that I eagerly stepped up. I’m excited to get out and meet people around our wonderful township and hear about their concerns and ideas. I hope you will vote for me on November 7.

 About Marty

A graduate of Northeast High School in Philadelphia, Marty earned a Bachelor of Science in biology from Temple University. He continued his education at the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy, where he earned Bachelor of Science and Doctor of Pharmacy degrees. His career has taken him into diverse practice settings, such as retail, mail-order, home infusion, and long-term care. He currently works for AmeriHealth Caritas, one of the largest managed care Medicaid providers in the country. His work is very rewarding: he gets to use his vast clinical knowledge to find cost-effective solutions to complex situations. He is able to meet the needs of the patient while considering the cost to the taxpayer, a skill that will be invaluable for a Township Commissioner.

Marty has been married for over 12 years to his wife Crystal, who is an attorney. They share their home with Seabiscuit, a large tan dog. (He is a Good Boy.)  A die-hard fan of all Philadelphia professional sports teams, Marty’s hobbies include golf, poker, trivia, and crossword puzzles. Marty recently won the “C” division of the 2017 American Crossword Puzzle Tournament.

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